Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Topsy Turvy Cake!

These cakes have been called many things; "Crooked Cakes", "Topsy Turvy", "Mad Hatter", the "Whimsy Cake". . .the list goes on. We know one thing is true - they never cease to delight the youngest to the oldest guest! They challenge our visual balance of things, and make us do a double take! Photo by Joe Ripp.

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Anonymous said...

This cake is truly fantastic!! I'm actually taking some of the Wilton cake decorating classes in Florida and we're going to be doing the topsy turvy cakes. When you have a moment would you please let me know what color you used to make the bow on this cake and what color you used for the light pink on the 2nd tier? I'd love to do my cake in those two clors. Thanks for your help and keep up the amazing work!