Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tropical 50th Birthday Party

This 50th birthday cake was inspired by the cool retro invitations with a tropical luau theme. Serves 50.

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Leslie said...

Love how you can match a cake so well to a wedding invitation. Instead of creating an entire wedding inspiration board you just use the simple wedding invitation and elaborate from there. I like it.

I have a quick question. Friends of mine over at are interested in being listed in a new section like "Wedding resources" on your website for their "wedding invitations". They might even be able to mention you on their website or an e-mail about how cake decorators can match wedding invitations.

They can a small one time insertion fee for your trouble. If not interested in that they could also provide a helpful article on wedding invitations for your website to assist your visitors. I'm sure they would be open to other ideas that you may have too.

On a personal note I run a wedding blog and would be interested in exchanging links with you on your "blogroll" or the like. Look forward to hearing back from you!!

Leslie Jenkins
Editor -
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