Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love Birds

This special cake was created for Leah and Freddy's small intimate wedding celebration -- something a little off-beat and unique, just like the bride and groom. The birds are made from sugar, and inside is moist chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and mascarpone cream fillings.


Wilma Birk said...

Hi, Sonya--
Just want you to know how much our family enjoyed your beautiful, edible art! The colorful, tropical theme was a perfect reflection of Freddy's beloved Venezuela...and of Leah's love of this adopted country...and Freddy!! Your cake was the icing on their "cake"...a small, picture perfect wedding in Sausalito.
Thank you for your delicious creativity!!
Wilma Birk

Sonya Hong said...

You are so welcome, Wilma! How nice of you to write in!! This is what makes my job so special and enjoyable...being a part of people's special moments.