Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red Velvet Armadillo Cake

Once a Southern tradition, this rich, red-colored cake with cream cheese frosting was made famous by the armadillo groom's cake in the 1989 movie Steel Magnolias. We were asked to recreate that famous cake for a bridal shower. Inside is moist, red velvet cake layers with lots and lots of fluffy cream cheese frosting. (It's really just a vehicle to get the cream cheese frosting to your mouth.)


The Flirty Girl said...

So cute! I loved the movie and love this cake! It's way cuter then the one in the film :o)

jessica said...

How far ahead did you make the cake. I have one to make with cream cheese frosting as well and I am concerned about the cream cheese filling since I can refrigerate my fondant. (marshmallow) Help!